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Charlie Stephens got his first computer when he was nine years old. Not a big deal these days, but this was 1982, a time when computers were still a rare oddity. Ever since, Charlie has been the “the guy to make things work”. The difference between Charlie and your average “computer guy” is that Charlie likes IT for the business improvements and efficiency gains that can be realised by leveraging technology. Not just using technology for the sake of it but only if it makes business sense.

After studying Information Science at Edith Cowan University, Charlie’s first job was building computers at Perth PC manufacturer Comdek Computers. After doing this for a couple of years he was introduced to the Internet and became employee number 6 at a then small Internet Service Provider called iiNet. When he told his boss at Comdek he was moving to iiNet, his response was “The Internet is just a toy. It will never go anywhere”. “I think differently” Charlie said and promptly made the move.

After iiNet he worked at a large systems integrator called Dimension Data where he learned the professional methodologies required for implementing technology solutions in a corporate environment. This gave him the necessary knowledge to be a founding member of a start-up, Chime Communications, which provided the telecommunications license and infrastructure to iiNet.

After working for many years in the corporate sector, Charlie recognised two things:

  1. After talking with friends and family, Charlie realised that their technology concerns were not dissimilar to that of large corporates, just on a much smaller scale.
  2. The technology concerns of small business were not just limited to their IT systems, but also extended to processes and systems that help measure and optimise productivity.

Charlie then looked for an entity that would enable him to cater to small business, those businesses consisting of 5 – 50 staff. This turned into what Domain Digital is today. Domain Digital has become an organisation that offers IT Services in Perth and caters for the needs of small businesses, where they are able to improve business efficiency, increase reliability and reduce a business owners’ Information, Communication and Technology stress.

At Domain Digital, we pride ourselves on our staff’s ability to relay technology concepts in a easy to understand manner, coupled with powerful feedback systems to capture and report any work that is done in client networks. We believe this is what makes Domain Digital your greatest technology ally.