WiFi on Krack

If you have ever used WIFI and lets face it, who hasn’t, then this is something you need to know. We’ve already covered two recent Wifi vulnerabilities with Android and Apple devices [...]


The fruit company has now confirmed they have a WiFi vulnerability from Broadpwn. Background Last week I gave you the heads up about the Android Broadpwn vulnerability.  At that stage, we knew [...]

Account Transfer Scam

I had some good friends offer to send me some money this morning.  $2500 in fact.  Given I had no idea who they were would normally see me delete the email. The issue is that the allure of extra [...]

MS Clutter is a PIA

I am a big fan of Office 365 but there are a few things that don’t work so well.  In my opinion, Clutter in Outlook can only be described as a real pain in the arse….. Supposedly [...]

Gartner & Trend Micro

We use an environment protection model developed over the past 20 years which is our 5 Pillars Best Practice framework.  This model scales from the smallest system to enterprise and is [...]

End Of Financial Year

Have you thought about tax planning for this year?  Its tight’, but not too late…… In addition, if your business is under $10 mil in turn over, you get to take advantage of [...]

Unlicensed Software

If you are running unlicensed software, you may wish to think about that again. Numerous companies of late have been fined or have reached expensive settlements for the use of unlicensed [...]

DocuSign Hacked

DocuSign has admitted they were the victim of a data breach that has led to massive phishing attacks which used exfiltrated DocuSign information. Ouch.  Especially given the level of trust they [...]

HP Fraud Release

HP Fraud Alert: Protect Yourself from Scams Being such a large recognized company, people may be susceptible to fraudulent callers posing as HP representatives and asking HP customers for [...]

NBN and Your Alarm

As and/ or when you get the NBN connected (For me this is a long way off – 2019 apparently ) you will need to think about what happens with your monitored alarm system (Given that the [...]