According to an ARN article, nearly half of Australian businesses (48 per cent) were targeted by ransomware exploit attempts during 2017, according to new data from Sophos.


Tips for working from home
Here are a number of suggestions for PC users. Some of the applications will be different when using a Mac[...]
Cyber Threats – What are the common threat types?
The cyber threat to Australian individuals and organisations is undeniable, unrelenting and continues to grow.You could be a target even[...]
Technology Co-Sourcing Saving Tens of Thousands for WA Business
Technology Co-Sourcing is saving WA Businesses tens of thousands of dollars in labour costs.  The increase in outsourced IT has[...]
Business email compromise – a fast growing scam, how not to be a victim. recently advised that the Melbourne Joint Cyber Security Centre (JCSC) hosted a two-hour seminar yesterday on Business Email Compromises[...]
Ransomware (Malware) Costing Business Billions – How does it affect your Perth business?
According to Bella Wilkinson, Recruitment Insurance Broker at Gallagher’s, malware is the most predominant cybercrime threat in Australia, according to[...]
Hacking your holiday: How Perth travellers are being increasingly targeted by cyber criminals
Imagine if a hacker shut down the baggage handling system of one of the world’s busiest airports. Or took control[...]
Beware of Phishing after Cathay Pacific data theft – is your business more secure than they were? reported that scammers often take advantage of incidents to trick people into sharing personal or financial information.Cathay Pacific Airways[...]
Data Breaches Affecting Perth Businesses – What happens, what gets stolen, where does it go?
TrendMicro are one of the world leaders in antivirus supply and data security prevention. Trend has noted that though people[...]
Data Breaches – Think it won’t happen to you?
According to, Reports of data breaches are an increasingly common occurrence. In recent weeks, Ticketmaster, HealthEngine, PageUp and the Tasmanian Electoral Commission have all reported[...]
Fed up with Phishing? Do you trust your staff not to “click here”? asks, “Would you ‘click here’ and enter your bank account or credit card numbers, passwords or birthdate because you[...]
Ransomware Costing Perth Business Millions of Dollars Annually
According to an ARN article, nearly half of Australian businesses (48 per cent) were targeted by ransomware exploit attempts during[...]
Increasing cyber-crime attacks ‘costing up to $1b a year’
David Crowe of the Sydney Morning Herald recently wrote that Australians are being promised a stronger “cyber defence” agenda in Canberra[...]
Google fined $57 million by France for lack of transparency and consent
The French data protection watchdog CNIL has issued its first fine of €50 million (around $57 million) under the European[...]
Facebook Still Wants Your Private Data And They’re Prepared To Pay For It
If you are thinking that Facebook is sitting quietly after being forced to remove its Onavo VPN app from Apple’s[...]
I-Phone’s “FaceTime” Bug Lets Callers Hear and See You Without You Picking Up
If you own an Apple device, you should immediately turn OFF FaceTime app for a few days. A jaw-dropping unpatched privacy[...]
Millions of Vulnerable PCs Found Running Outdated Versions of Popular Software – Is Yours One Of Them?
It is 2019, and millions of computers still either have at least one outdated application installed or run outdated operating[...]
Hackers Using Zero-Width Spaces to Bypass MS Office 365 Protection
Swati Khandelwal wrote on The Hacker News that Security researchers have been warning about a simple technique that cybercriminals and email[...]
202 MILLION+ Chinese Job Seekers’ Details Exposed On The Internet
Wang Wei of The Hacker News writes that a cybersecurity researcher has discovered online a massive database containing records of[...]
Ethereum Classic (ETC) Hit by “Double-Spend” Attack Worth $1.1M
Popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has suspended all transactions of Ethereum Classic (ETC)—the original unforked version of the Ethereum network—on their[...]
The Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Cybersecurity
The origins of artificial intelligence (AI) can be traced all the way back to World War 2, when a team[...]
Perth Glory and Domain Digital Kick Goals
BackgroundPerth Glory Football Club is an Australian professional soccer club based in Perth. It competes in the country’s premier competition,[...]
Tips to Keep Your Western Australian Business Safe from Cyber Threats
It is important to protect your business against cyber security threats and make the most of the opportunities online, notes[...]
DIY/In-House or Managed IT – Is Your Current Provider Worth 30% MORE?
You’re probably thinking as you read the title ‘not this again’, but there is actually a very good reason for bringing[...]
Medicare Data Breach – Are Your Details for Sale on the Dark Web?
The Australian government is digitising the country’s health system, but a serious Medicare security breach suggests we may not be[...]
Cyber Criminals Are Active over Christmas/New Year Period in Western Australia
This Christmas thousands will be spent online and in the Cloud by consumers buying gifts or taking advantage of sales[...]
Perth Businesses losing thousands of $$ due to IT downtime
Perth business owners and managers could potentially lose hundreds of thousands of dollars due to IT downtime. Why? Because infrastructure matters.[...]
Perth Law Firms Losing $1,000’s – 5 Factors Why
Law firms typically operate on “billable hours,” even a single hour of downtime can be costly for legal professionals. However,[...]
The Ugly Truth for Perth Businesses – IT Downtime costs $1,000’s
Every business wants to reduce their costs, right? But what if avoiding technology upgrades to reduce expenditures was actually increasing them? According to Gartner,[...]
China’s Cyber Spying on Australian Businesses – Some MSP’s Compromised
Australia is among a group of Western nations condemning China over a cyber spying campaign by two Chinese nationals, who[...]
The Dark Web, Hackers – What Perth Business Owners Need to Know
Criminals love stealing credentials, and too many people are handing them the keys to the kingdom. A recent study by Verizon showed[...]
Save a Guaranteed 30% Off Your Current IT Managed Services Contract AND Get Better Service
Domain Digital is getting into the spirit of the festive season and making a 2019 SPECIAL OFFER. For any business[...]
How the Quick Thinking of a Staff Member Saved a Perth Business Potentially Thousands of Dollars
The quick thinking of a staff member of Perth based Fleet leasing company, Easifleet, really did save the company potentially[...]
Kanye West tops Dashlane’s “Worst Passwords offenders of 2018”
How secure are your passwords for your Perth business? Dashlane recently announced its third annual list of the “Worst Password Offenders.”[...]
2019 Cybercriminal Playbook – What Australian Business Needs to Know
The 7 methods cyber criminals will use to attack Australian businesses, and the internet as a whole, in 2019.Security pundits[...]
Extremely stealthy malware – Controlled by your emails
A long list of government foreign offices are the most recent victims in a cleverly crafted backdoor, allowing malware to[...]
New Global Ransomware Threat
There’s a new form of ransomware that emerged globally this month – and it’s leaving a nasty payload on computers[...]
O365 – Restore Access Scam
If you are on the administrator list of any Office 365 service, you will see many notifications coming through to[...]
WiFi on Krack
If you have ever used WIFI and lets face it, who hasn’t, then this is something you need to know.We’ve[...]
Technology Co-Sourcing Saving Tens of Thousands for WA Business
Technology Co-Sourcing is saving WA Businesses tens of thousands of dollars in labour costs.  The increase in outsourced IT has[...]
Legitimate Invoice Request
Sometimes we see Spam message that are really clever.  Some are so bad, they make us laugh, just like this one.Has[...]
NAB Bank Scam
So many scams, so little time.  Today there was a “Zero Day” release of this NAB scam.  Zero Day effectively[...]
Advertising Link Extortion Scam
A spam scare campaign (extortion scam) is targeting email addresses, in which the attacker claims to have embedded a virus[...]
The fruit company has now confirmed they have a WiFi vulnerability from Broadpwn.BackgroundLast week I gave you the heads up[...]
Android WiFi – Broadpwn
This was lifted and adapted from a podcast - It is rather disturbing news around WiFi vulnerabilities in Android devices. [...]
Account Transfer Scam
I had some good friends offer to send me some money this morning.  $2500 in fact.  Given I had no idea[...]
MS Clutter is a PIA
I am a big fan of Office 365 but there are a few things that don’t work so well.  In[...]
Australia Post Ransomware Happening Right Now
Urgent Ransomware AlertHere we go again guys – the old Australia Post download trick.In short, you will be sent an[...]
How To Preview a Dodgy Email
Have you ever looked through your mailbox at an email and thought:"Is this actually legit?"The though process is that you are[...]
Gartner & Trend Micro
We use an environment protection model developed over the past 20 years which is our 5 Pillars Best Practice framework.  This model[...]
Monitored Alarms and the NBN
As and/ or when you get the NBN connected (For me this is a long way off – 2019 apparently[...]
Bali 2017- Sharpen The Saw
I am a big fan of Stephen R Covey’s book – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  If you haven’t[...]
End Of Financial Year
Have you thought about tax planning for this year?  Its tight’, but not too late……In addition, if your business is[...]
Security Certificate Errors
We had a client call today with a secure certificate error.  When asked how long this had been occurring for,[...]
Unlicensed Software
If you are running unlicensed software, you may wish to think about that again.Numerous companies of late have been fined[...]
5 Top Ways To Help Yourself Get Crypto-Locked
With all of the hype around ransomware, I still see things that just make me shake my head.I walked into[...]
DocuSign Hacked
DocuSign has admitted they were the victim of a data breach that has led to massive phishing attacks which used[...]
HP Fraud Release
HP Fraud Alert: Protect Yourself from ScamsBeing such a large recognized company, people may be susceptible to fraudulent callers posing[...]
The Biggest Ransomware Attack Ever
In case you have not heard about this in the news over the weekend, Europol (European Police Office) confirmed Sunday that[...]
NBN and Your Alarm
As and/ or when you get the NBN connected (For me this is a long way off – 2019 apparently[...]
Human Firewall
Security presentation outlining today’s threat landscape. Introduction to the Human Firewall.
Separating Yourself From The Start-up Pack
Many of America’s favourite companies began as a small start-up.Ben and Jerry’s sold ice cream out of an old gas[...]
Importance of Understanding SPAM
SPAM – annoying as it is has become way more that someone trying to sell you something. It is now[...]

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