Monitored Alarms and the NBN

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As and/ or when you get the NBN connected (For me this is a long way off – 2019 apparently ) you will need to think about what happens with your monitored alarm system (Given that the copper phone line will disappear after your NBN service is connected).  If you haven’t checked if you can get the NBN, you can check it out here –

Traditionally it has been a higher cost to deploy and use a mobile monitoring wireless service but I did manage to come across a good deal with the RAC.

Basically the mobile conversion unit is $299 inc GST and allows your traditional PSTN phone line to talk to a mobile phone.   The monthly cost (at time of writing for RAC members) is $33.75 per month.

Given you don’t need a phone line any more @$35 per month nor the daily phone calls 20 to 40 cents per day depending on your phone plan, this is a cheaper and more secure option.  When I say cheaper, at worst it is a 9 month payback – No brainer…..

In addition, you can turn your alarm on and off through an app on your mobile phone and a log of the “arm” and “disarm” logs.

Check in with the RAC crew and see how this might work for you

Disclaimer – I am not affiliated with the RAC – I thought this was a great option that should be shared especially given NBN connections will require more and more people to rethink their monitored security.

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