WorkflowMax Certified Advisor
A cloud project management software that contains everything you need to manage workflow.

As a WorkflowMax certified advisor in Perth, we can assist your business with a trouble-free implementation solutions tailored to your operation, including:

  • Scoping your requirements to ensure WorkflowMax will fit with your current workflow.
  • Setting up WorkflowMax, including users, preferences, tasks, costs and notifications.
  • Testing your setup to ensure it is working smoothly and processes and reports are automated and streamlined wherever possible.
  • Providing training for you and your staff.

Why Workflow Max?

  1. An all-in-one toolkit that works together seamlessly, letting you focus on getting stuff done without needed to cobble together different tools and apps.
  2. Business intelligence at a click because all your data is in one place, allowing you to gain visibility over all the important details of your business.
  3. Less training, more doing. Get your staff up to speed quickly. Learning one integrated project management software is 10x faster than getting trained in multiple applications.

Many businesses find it invaluable to work with a local certified WorkflowMax advisor when deploying the solution as it enables them to ask questions and quickly clarify uncertainties in face-to-face interactions.

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