data recovery Perth
Imagine how much it will cost your business if you lose critical data, even for a few hours…

Managed Backup

Your business data is the lifeblood of your company and the amount you are collecting and storing is growing all the time. Imagine the impact if you lost a day’s data, a week’s data, or even a year’s data, due to inadequate or infrequent backup processes. Could you recover?

Domain Digital’s managed backup service automatically backs up all files, help you to develop a backup plan to ensure it’s always working and will act immediately if there was an issue. You get full reporting transparency and supreme flexibility so you can enjoy a peace of mind. And if anything happens? We’ll get you access to your data in no time!

Managed Data Recovery Perth

Whether it’s a natural disaster or human error, you want to make sure that your data can be recovered quickly and securely to minimise operational blockages. Many businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place. Either because they are opportunistic, or because they don’t have the expertise to develop one. Don’t be one of these businesses!

Domain Digital offers a wide range of disaster recovery services tailoring to the regulations of your industry.

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