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Western Biomedical


Western Biomedical is a leading supplier of medical devices and surgical equipment to hospitals and healthcare providers in Western Australia. Western Biomedical is fully ISO 9001 accredited and represents both Australian manufacturers and Australian importers of medical and surgical products in the West Australian hospitals and specialist market. They provide education, in-servicing, technical advice and ongoing assistance to their customers.

Keith McKellar, Operations Manager of Western Biomedical engaged with Charlie Stephens, CEO of Domain Digital.


Prior to 2007, Western Biomedical contracted an independent consultant for its IT service and maintenance needs. Although flexible, problems arose so frequently that the business experienced frequent downtime and Keith had to invest extra time and resources to investigate what exactly was going on. Because the consultant was paid on an hourly basis, he had no long-term vision or strategy in place for Western Biomedical. Consequently, he was happy to perform constant break-fix jobs.

“Lack of responsiveness is the number one issue. It was just hard to get on hold of the independent IT consultant, one minute he’s here and the next minute he’d on be on a golf course or somewhere else! He never bothered to look into the root cause of problems, leaving the reliability of IT system very questionable.”  - Keith McKellar

In healthcare, suppliers need to share product information with their trading partners to ensure the supply chain operates effectively and equipment arrive in time for practitioners. Therefore, Western Biomedical relies heavily on its IT system for accurate, complete and up-to-date data to service all major hospitals in Western Australia. Crashes and security leaks would be fatal to its business operation.

In addition, Western Biomedical needed a solution to digitise product information and inventory management. The old-fashioned pen and paper process was time-consuming, labour-intensive and prone to human errors. The solution would also enable Western Biomedical to publish all its product information on the National Product Catalogue (NPC), Australia’s new single repository of product, pricing and healthcare data for all Health Industry Product Categories.


After months of frustration and unresolved IT threats, Keith decided to engage with Charlie Stephens and his team at Domain Digital. Charlie offered Western Biomedical a managed IT service where his team acts as an integrated IT Partner whenever and wherever needed.

“Technology has become so intertwined into our daily tasks, it’s simply do or die in the business world. It’s all about making it hassle free for business owners and managers” – Charlie Stephens


Aside from managed IT services, Domain Digital helped Western Biomedical to implement an Electronic Data Exchange project where a procurement order is automatically placed when stock runs below a certain level. The fully automated process freed staff from manually entering data which is prone to human error.

Similarly, Domain Digital designed a simple-to-use procedure for Western Biomedical to update and maintain product information on the National Product Catalogue. As a supplier, Western Biomedical benefited from streamlined procurement and tender processeslowered administrative costsbetter supply chain efficiencies and up-to-date product data communication with its customers.

“Charlie took the time to understand our unique business needs and implemented a solution from the back-end so I never had to monitor the systems myself. Domain Digital has become an extension of our business. We can focus on serving our customers now instead of figuring out IT – a subject where we don’t need to know the why and how.” – Keith McKellar


As part of the Managed Service, Domain Digital proactively monitors Western Biomedical’s network and PCs so the staff has peace of mind when they work without worrying about crashes and break downs. Another benefit of having Domain Digital as their managed IT service provider is that Western Biomedical can leverage a pool of IT specialists. This means Keith no longer has to manage skill sets and get too involved in the IT world. Some of the services that Domain Digital delivers include:

  • Server and netwo​rk design
  • Backup and recovery
  • Microsoft software licensing
  • Solutions to improve your profitability
  • Internet filtering and security

Whereas before, outages and IT issues were common occurrence, these have all but disappeared since engaging Domain Digital, concludes Keith.


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