1. We are your integrated IT partner and outsourced IT manager

  • IT Management staff for a fraction of the cost of employing them direct.
  • Leverage a pool of IT staff so you don’t have to manage skill sets or holidays
  • Managed service infrastructure that provides disciplined approach to network management
  • Your network and PCs consistently work well as they are constantly serviced – no break downs or crashes
  • We manage networks day to day so you don’t have to get frustrated figuring problems out yourself

2. We Focus on your IT productivity and reduce your costs

  • Our IT support creates genuine business improvements and real return on investment
  • Asking the right questions to ensure you get what you need – a total solution
  • You want a solution that works – we want a solution that doesn’t break

3. You will benefit from our expertise & advice

We provide business solutions that work across all industries.

Our industry certified staff will provide:

  • Server and network design
  • Back up and recovery
  • Microsoft software licensing
  • Solutions to improve your profitability

Our 5-step process will ensure that you have a secure, stable and reliable technology environment.

4. We listen to your needs and communicate in your language

  • We deal with technology and put it into language you can understand – you are kept in the loop
  • Our experience talks and we listen. Our proven methodology ensures you have minimal downtime
  • We have instant remote support to resolve any unforeseen issues that may crop up.

5. You’ll find Domain Digital great value

  • We sell, install and manage equipment. By doing so, we know what works well and what to avoid when it comes to your industry. You will benefit from our experience
  • Core relationships with HP for special Bid prices provides significant discounts for quality IT equipment that we pass on to you
  • Additional value comes back to you time after time after time by having the right solution